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Property Division

Not surprisingly, you and your spouse may have very different ideas about what is fair when it comes to dividing marital property. The property settlement agreement you make in your divorce helps set the financial foundation for your life after divorce. That’s why it is critical to have an experienced divorce attorney who will provide aggressive representation for you based on thorough evaluation of all your marital and separate property. At Abbott Logan, our lawyers are here to represent you — not your spouse.

We know how important it is for you to receive a fair and equitable share in the court’s property division determination. A fair distribution does not necessarily mean an equal division of assets and debts, however. Make sure you have a lawyer who will protect both your short and long term interests through all settlement negotiations.

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    Bad Conduct & Property Division

    In Georgia, bad conduct can affect property division. If your spouse is guilty of bad conduct, or if you have been accused of bad conduct, you need a lawyer who will convincingly present the facts of your case and fight for you. Domestic violence, adultery, cruel treatment, intoxication and other issues can affect a property settlement.

    Offsetting Monetary Awards

    Certain types of property distribution can offset other monetary awards in your divorce settlement. For example, additional property in a settlement could mean less (or no) alimony/spousal support. We will make sure you have a settlement that works for you.

    Tax Consequences

    It is important to consider the tax consequences of your divorce property settlement. We will speak with you about getting the proper resources and structuring your agreements appropriately to address these issues.

    Hidden Assets

    Has some property been hidden by your spouse? If you suspect your spouse of having hidden assets that should be considered in the property settlement, tell your attorney right away before doing anything else. Especially in high-asset divorces, it is important to ensure that all assets are disclosed.

    Contempt Actions

    If your ex-spouse fails to live up to the settlement agreement, we can talk to you about a divorce contempt action to get them back in compliance and to recover what payments may have been missed.

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