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The experienced family law attorneys of Abbott & Logan have a proven track record successfully representing clients in a full range of family law matters in Georgia. Whatever your representation needs, whether inside or outside of a divorce, our team is here to help. Our child custody attorneys in Marietta have decades of combined experience handling cases in Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton and Paulding counties and throughout Georgia affording us extensive knowledge of the local court systems that we can put to work for you.


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What is a Step-Parent Adoption?
A Step-Parent adoption is brought when a legal parent’s spouse seeks to legalize their relationship with their non-biological child or step child. Marriage of the legal parent and the person seeking the adoption is a requirement. Step-Parent adoptions can be uncontested or contested, depending on the facts and circumstances. Step-Parent adoptions typically require the consent of both legal parents and, if a child is over the age of 14, also requires the minor child’s consent. We would be happy to discuss the facts of your case with you!
What is a Prenuptial Agreement?
A Prenuptial Agreement is a pre-marital contact entered between future spouses to clearly define the division of property, assets, and liabilities should the marriage terminate for any reason (i.e., divorce, separation, and the like). Prenuptial Agreements are not typically filed in with the Court when executed; however, can often be an asset in protecting your rights and financial security in the event of a divorce or termination of marriage.
What can be decided in a Pre/Post-nuptial Agreement?
Pre and Postnuptial Agreements can determine and set forth the division of assets such as real and personal property division, the division of financial accounts, investment and retirement accounts, business interests, and other ownership interest(s). They can also set forth and establish alimony and/or spousal support. Additionally, division of marital liabilities can be established and the pre-determination of how such liabilities should be paid in the event of a divorce or termination of marriage.
What is a Second Parent Adoption?
A Second Parent Adoption is typically interchangeable (as of now) with the Step-Parent adoption definition. This includes, but is not limited to same-sex adoptions being sought to allow a non-biological parent or spouse of a biological parent to legalize their relationship with their non-biological or step-child.
What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

A Postnuptial Agreement is a marital contract that allows you and your spouse to come to a mutual agreement regarding rights, responsibilities, and division of property, assets, and liabilities prior to a divorce or termination of marriage.

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