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Protecting Parental Rights & Your Child’s Best Interests

There’s nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of your children. In Georgia, the child’s best interests are at the focus of every child custody and child support determination. If you are trying dealing with child custody, visitation or support issues, inside or outside of a divorce, the family law attorneys at Abbott & Logan are here to help. Our child custody attorneys in Marietta have decades of combined experience handling a full range of cases in Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton and Paulding counties and throughout Georgia.

Child Custody & Support

Child Custody Modifications

Child Support Modifications

Guardian Ad Litem

Parent Relocation & Moveaway

Paternity & Legitimation

Enforcement of Court Orders & Contempt Actions

Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption


Child Custody in Georgia

Sole Custody

Sole custody means one parent is responsible for all of the major decisions in a child’s life and the child lives with that parent.

Joint Legal Custody

Legal custody addresses decision-making related to religion, medical care, education and extracurricular activities. In joint legal custody, both parents have a say in making decisions but one will have tie-breaking authority. This authority may be split among the different areas of decision-making. For example, one parent may have the authority in religion and education, while the other has the authority in medical care and extracurricular activities.

Joint Physical Custody

Physical custody addresses who spends time with the child and how much time will be spent. Joint physical custody normally means that there would be a 50/50 custodial split. Perhaps the child would spend one week with one parent and the next week with the other. Some courts feel these arrangements are unstable and will not award them; others will. Of course, these arrangements can always be agreed to by the parents without court intervention.


Why do I have to pay child support?
Child support is the statutory and legal right of your child(ren) to be supported by their parent(s). Child support is established to ensure that your child(ren)’s needs are met and that they are able to be adequately cared for with their needs met. It is, in fact, the right of your child(ren) to be supported—not the right of either parent to give money to or receive money from the other parent.
What do I do if my ex (or the other parent) does not obey the Court’s Order?
All court orders can be enforced by way of a Contempt action in the county where the order was entered.
If I was never married to my child’s father, does he have rights?
Not until he Petitions the Court for Legitimation – then the Court would establish custodial rights, visitation and child support obligations.
How do I know how much child support I should pay or receive?
Your attorney will prepare a Child Support Worksheet required by the State of Georgia in all cases involving minor children.
If I was never married to my child’s mother, do I have rights?
In Georgia, you must file a Petition for Legitimation whereby custody and visitation can be established.
Am I entitled to Alimony or Spousal Support?
Factors such as the requesting party’s need, the paying party’s ability to pay and conduct of the parties are relevant in the analysis to determine if a souse will receive alimony.
Alimony and dating while separated in Georgia

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